Campismo Los Cocos centro de aislamiento.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Faced with the need to stop the transmission of Covid-19 in the eleven municipalities of this province, there are seven authorized isolation centers with accommodation capacity greater than 1000 people.

Los Coco, El Abra, La Laguna and Peñas Blancas, facilities belonging to the Popular Camping Company, provide service to suspicious patients, while Las Caletas, hosts travelers, residents of the country, until obtaining the result of the second PCR in time real.

The Defense Council and the provincial Public Health Directorate, enabled confinement capacities for outgoing personnel who worked in the red zone, in the Boca de Jaruco Motel and the Villa Los Júcaros, establishments belonging to the Base Business Unit (UEB) Accommodation .

Fourteen doctors, 20 nurses, 2 vector operators, young volunteers and hundreds of workers involved, ensure compliance with the action protocols. Health specialists from Madruga, Jaruco, San Nicolás, Batabanó and Quivicán collaborate in different areas.

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