La miembro del Comité Central del Partido y su Primera Secretaria en Mayabeque, Yanina de la Nuez Alichch, participó del intercambio con directivos Güines

Mayabeque, Cuba:  Güines is one of the municipalities in this province that maintains a complex epidemiological situation, after reporting in the last hours 14 cases of patients infected with Covid 19, in different parts of the territory, which shows the high geographical dispersion.

Since last November to date, the locality has accumulated 60 cases diagnosed with the new coronavirus. The territory has 39 events and the most critical situation is presented by the Maternal and Child Hospital, located in the northern area of ​​the territory.

The deputy director of hygiene and epidemiology, Dr. Analeidis Leal Trujillo, argues: “in our maternal hospital today we have a complex situation, where several positive cases of doctors, nurses and patients have been reported.”

“The Municipal Directorate of Public Health, adopted several measures: the non-entry and exit of personnel, people cannot bring food to admitted patients, the disinfection of the place three times a day and the use of means of protection.”

What strategy is followed to care for patients?

“The staff who remain in the center are courageously assuming the task and providing adequate care and protection for pregnant women, newborns and infants”.

Dr. Leal Trujillo, offered other data of interest about the epidemiological panorama in Güines and insists on the importance of maintaining strict control.

“At the moment we have 39 focus controls open, 15 belonging to the Luis Li polyclinic, 18 to the Marta Martínez and 6 to the Osvaldo Sánchez polyclinic.”

Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque


Por Indira La O Herrera

Periodista en Radio Mayabeque  

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