Empowerment of women, essential for the economic development.

Havana: Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted the analysis of measures to economically empower Cuban women and guarantee all their rights, as part of the government agenda.

The president made reference on Twitter to the National Program for the Advancement of Women (PAM), approved by a presidential decree for its implementation and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on March 8.

‘Our plan goes from paper to fact, we have already analyzed the measures to economically empower Cuban women and guarantee all their rights,’ he said.

The president mentioned as priority issues such as working day, vacations and maternity leave for workers in the non-state sector.

Diaz-Canel issued a series of tweets recalling that 78 percent of female employees work in the state sector and that 384,900 of those employed in the non-state sector are women.

In addition, 76,000 people have found employment after the start of the Overhaul Task on January 1, including 38 percent of women.

The president also pointed out how in Cuba women and men receive equal pay for the same work, ‘a chimera’ in many other countries.

He also ratified the rejection of any type of gender violence, a priority in the discussions of the national plan.

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