Central Bank of Cuba alerts on transfers between MLC cards.

Cuba: The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) warned today that for transfers between MLC cards (freely convertible currency), users must verify that the destination number begins with 9225, Cubasí reports.

In its Twitter account, the banking institution suggested that if not, the operation is dismissed, since the amount could be sent to a card in CUP.

In this way, the BCC clarifies that the money would be converted to the currency of the destination account, at the exchange rate of 1 for 24.

As clarified by the governing authority of the Banking and Financial System of Cuba, this is valid whether in transactions by ATM, Transfermóvil or another electronic channel.

Based on the authorization in the country of the stores to trade in MLC, the BCC authorized the Credit and Service Bank (BANDEC), the Metropolitan Bank (BM) and the Popular Savings Bank (BPA) to issue cards associated with accounts denominated in US dollars.

Any natural person can appear at a bank branch with their identity card and request the opening of an MLC account, and can also make the request through the Transfermóvil application.

These types of accounts are opened with a zero balance, and to obtain funds they can receive transfers from abroad or from another account in USD, and also deposit cash in a bank (in US dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs , etc.).

MLC cards are used to acquire, in CIMEX and Tiendas Caribe stores, basic necessities and hardware products.

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