Paris: Organizations and citizens of at least 60 countries from the five continents begin this Saturday activities to demand the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, mobilizations framed in a world day.

According to Prensa Latina, the initiative launched a month ago by the Europa por Cuba channel, in coordination with movements and solidarity groups in several parts of the planet, will take place Saturday and Sunday with caravans of cars and bicycles, rallies, marches and ascent of mountains between their actions.

The call is also to flood social networks in days of denunciation and repudiation of the genocidal blockade imposed on the island, in which we expect a good response, despite the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, José Antonio Toledo and Michele Mesagna, coordinators of the platform, told Prensa Latina.

Likewise, they assured that this first world caravan is only the beginning of activities that will last as long as Washington’s criminal policy applied to the Caribbean country remains in force for more than six decades.

The day before, cities in France, Ireland and Sweden kicked off the actions of global rejection of the blockade of Cuba.

In the southwestern Gallic town of Périgueux, around 40 people participated in an event organized by the Cuba Linda association, in which they displayed a banner against the fence that seeks to suffocate the island’s people.

Senator Marie-Claude Varaillas and the leaders of the French Communist Party Laurent Péréa and Julien Chouet expressed their condemnation of the blockade and underlined the injustice it represents, by attacking a nation in solidarity and very active in helping others in times of pandemic.

Also in Dublin and Gothenburg banners were used against the siege, while in the mountains of Harjedalen the Swedish-Cuban Solidarity Association waved the flag of the lone star.

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