Interest grows in job search in San Nicolás.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Every day more people go to the Municipal Directorate of Labor and Social Security in San Nicolás looking for work.

The implementation of the Ordering Task has increased the requests, the head of the Procedures and Employment Unit in said entity, Leydiana Gobín Domínguez, highlighted.

In just two and a half months, 350 locals came looking for vacancies, 100 of these individuals found employment, while others have other expectations that currently do not exist in the municipality, but they are oriented in that sense.

The specialist said that she drew attention to the number of young people who come to make the request and be interested in the offers.

Sometimes the possibilities are not fully fulfilled because the granting of a higher paying position depends on the improvement and the level of education.

It is necessary to give a quick and effective response. The objective is to prioritize the productive sector, Gobín Domínguez said.

Milay Vega Villar

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