The operations cover three municipalities and more than 700 kilometers of the border line with Colombia.

Caracas: The Government of Venezuela and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) activated an operational zone of integral defense of a special nature in the state of Apure, the military high command reported today, Prensa Latina publishes.

At a press conference, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino reported that the operations cover three municipalities and more than 700 kilometers of the border line with Colombia, as part of the actions to neutralize irregular groups from the neighboring country.

The extraordinary security measures will be designed and executed by the FANB’s Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb) in order to eradicate threats against peace and national stability, guarantee the protection of public and private assets, the holder said.

In this sense, Ceofanb and the Apure Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone, in conjunction with civil authorities, will establish time restrictions for land, river and air traffic, in addition to applying control measures to ensure the operation of public services.

Likewise, the Ministry of Internal Relations, Justice and Peace will guarantee immigration controls in border municipalities and may implement compliance with certain requirements, such as the obligation to report the change of address or residence, among others.

The FANB units deployed in the border security zone will be able to carry out inspections of properties and buildings, as well as evict illegal occupations of public property that affect the security and defense of the nation, said the minister.

Since Sunday, March 21, the Ceofanb has been carrying out search and capture actions against Colombian paramilitary commandos in the south of the border demarcation, with an emphasis on the vicinity of the town of La Victoria.

To date, the defensive operations have left nine irregular dead, 33 prosecuted by the military justice, in addition to six destroyed camps and 16 explosive devices deactivated in the theater of operations.

Padrino assured that no civilian was a victim of the antipersonnel mines installed by paramilitary gangs in their quest to gain territorial control, the installation of which is synonymous with “the criminal way of waging war” of those terrorist groups, the headline stressed.

The chief general reiterated that Venezuela asked the United Nations (UN) to provide its impartial knowledge to the FANB to reinforce the deactivation procedures for these devices.

During the search and capture operations, eight members of the Venezuelan armed forces were killed in combat and another 34 were injured, of which 21 received medical discharge.

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