The Chinese Government will establish a monitoring and assistance mechanism.

Beijing: China detailed today the strategy that it will follow in the next five years to avoid a return to extreme poverty and to guarantee the continuous improvement of the living conditions of the residents of rural areas.

Wang Zhengpu, director of the National Rural Vitalization Administration, explained to Prensa Latina that the Government will establish a monitoring and assistance mechanism, in order to ensure that these people maintain stability in income and coverage of basic needs, such as access to drinking water. .

According to him, the idea is to detect any problem and intervene early to solve it.

China will establish differentiated policies according to the peculiarities of each region and prioritize the development of industries, infrastructure and agriculture, the training of human resources and the sources of employment, especially, of the population relocated to new settlements.

Wang said that as a whole, the State will maintain the financial support and facilities applied in recent years, but will emphasize the responsibility of the officials in charge of the anti-poverty program.

Together with the Communist Party of China (CPC), private companies, the Army and all sectors of society will be involved in these efforts, with the aim of consolidating the results of the campaign, launched in 2012.

Wang offered these statements during the presentation of a text that summarized the approach, experiences and actions implemented in China on the path towards eradicating poverty.

The so-called white paper recalled that the Asian nation is home to almost a fifth of the world’s population and by lifting 770 million individuals out of impoverishment in 40 years; it contributed more than 70 percent to the goal of reducing the scourge in the planet.

Now the challenge is to work to advance the constant vitalization of rural areas and prevent the population from once again falling prey to destitution.

A few days ago the Ministry of Finance allocated 23,750 million dollars to support this effort.

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