Brazilian ruler Jair Bolsonaro.

Brasilia: Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro accused the Brazilian governors who apply sanitary measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus of being prototypes of dictators.

From his account on Twitter, Bolsonaro argued his accusation, recalling that these governors, in order to curb the coronavirus pandemic, decree religious bans, curfews, expropriation of real estate and travel restrictions.

At a press conference held at the Alvorada Palace, Bolsonaro insisted that he is not the dictator of Brazil. “I was not the one who closed the shops. I wasn’t the one who forced you to stay at home, either. I do my part”, he stressed.

Bolsonaro’s reactions are due to the fact that he may be investigated for his management in the face of the health crisis. The Senate approved this Tuesday that the team which will carry out this investigation will have 11 officials and 90 days to carry out its study.

Last Sunday, a hint from the president was made public that the investigative commission should be aligned with the government’s vision. The dialogue was announced by Senator Jorge Kajurú.

Last week, the Supreme Federal Court judge Luis Barroso accepted the request of 31 senators to create the investigative commission after the death of patients due to lack of oxygen in Manaus in January, something that happened despite an early warning from the Ministry of Health before the hospital collapse.

Following the news of the upcoming investigation, the Brazilian president has been sharing on Twitter data on resources managed in the Health sector and comments on the measures of local governments as negative decisions.

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