Havana, Cuba: The quality of the growth processes in the ranks of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the role played by the first secretaries in the territories, and the more comprehensive functioning of the organization, were topics discussed this Friday in Commission No. 2 of the Eighth Congress, focused on internal life and partisan ideological work, chaired by the Second Secretary of the organization, José Ramón Machado Ventura.

“We have, in a smaller reserve, to increase growth. We have to have more young people. You have to go in that direction and that requires a much more exquisite job”.

On the strengthening of the internal life of our Party, and what it would imply that in each place that a nucleus exists and functions efficiently, the delegate from Villa Clara, Osnay Miguel Colina Rodríguez, reflected.

“We must assume that strengthening the internal life is to create in that nucleus, in that primary committee, the ability to put problems, deficiencies, causes, and those responsible first; and collectively, from the vanguard role of the Party, manage to articulate all those proposals and decisions that can transform the life of the center, give that true impulse to the economy, control the politics of the cadre, involve from the pedagogy of example in all tasks to the Party members”.

Because strengthening the internal life of the Party, the role of the militancy, the political preparation of the militancy, is the Party’s ability to influence the attention to the Young Communists League (UJC), to the mass organizations, to the problems that occur in the workplace, in the environment, in the participation of militancy in the community.

And it allows us to make a much richer ideological preparation”.

On the growth process, in particular, the Havana delegate Yuniaski Crespo Vaquero spoke, explaining what has been happening in the capital.

“On average in recent years it has been growing with almost 5,000 Party members. The biggest problems are in two fundamental senses, first in the quality of that process, and second in ensuring that all young people with conditions, who are 21 years old, aspire to be Party members. And that is our responsibility, the nuclei of the Party, the general secretaries, the municipal committees, and the provincial committees of the Party”.

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