Subversion has no place in Cuba.

Havana: The Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) will face political and ideological subversion in all settings and forms, ratified today the 8th congress of that governing organization in the Caribbean nation, Prensa Latina reports.

A resolution adopted in that forum affirms that this confrontation will be in a systematic and forward-looking manner.

To do this, it is proposed to optimize the use of resources and forces, says the document approved in a commission that debated the operation of the PCC, ideological activity and links with the masses.

Cuban leaders and analysts have denounced destabilizing preparations, with particular emphasis on subversion with foreign financing, mainly from United States government agencies.

These complaints point to the Central Intelligence Agency as the director of anti-Cuban programs in which the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) participate.

In response, the PCC called for strengthening “revolutionary activism on social media.”

The resolution approved by the delegates to the congress insists on perfecting “the timely alert.”

It also calls for the development of work systems based on more up-to-date and dynamic information and the participation of “all agencies at different levels.”

The partisan document provides to guarantee that the computerization processes of Cuban society constitute a tool in favor of national identity and development.

The PCC intends to influence the formation of values ​​in particular in youth, the document points out.

Promoting the evaluation of actions to reduce emigration in this population segment is among the objectives set in the conclave.

As part of the ideological work of the Party, the resolution dictates the confrontation with “prejudice and discrimination of all kinds.”

The same position was set against everything that puts the national security of the country at risk, including corruption, crime, illegalities and inappropriate behavior.

The 8th congress of the PCC ends tomorrow, when the composition of the new Central Committee will be announced, whose candidacy the delegates will vote on today.

This Monday the elected Central Committee will meet to elect the main positions of the organization.

The date coincides with the 60th anniversary of the defeat of the mercenary invasion, armed and financed by the United States, which was dismantled by the Cuban revolutionary forces in less than 72 hours on the sands of Playa Girón.

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