Messages of support for Cuba and its communist party continue to reach Congress.

Havana: Political organizations and movements around the world expressed their support for the Cuban revolutionary process and sent their wishes for success to the 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), the Caribbean Foreign Ministry published today, Prensa Latina reports.

According to the official site Cubaminrex, in its message the Sinn Fein Party of Ireland highlighted the importance of this political event that occurs when the island celebrates the 60th anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of the Revolution.

“The determination of the Cuban people to shape a new society has been an inspiration to freedom-loving peoples around the world, and especially to all progressives here in Ireland”, the text says.

Sinn Fein also highlighted the “enduring historical ties” between both parties and assured that the “capacity of its Republic to look to the future has been built on the leadership of both Fidel and Raúl.”

‘Since 2020 the peoples of our planet have fought against the global Covid-19 pandemic and, despite the hardships imposed by the international blockade against Cuba, the example of their people and the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigades have been an inspiration for The humanity’.

Likewise, the Irish political organization reiterated its condemnation of the United States’ siege against the island and sent its good wishes to President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

For its part, the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association supported the island with the letter “in all its endeavors aimed at improving the lives of its inhabitants and the world.”

The text assures that the Gambia and Africa will maintain their solidarity ‘in eternal gratitude to what the Caribbean country has done and is doing for this continent in the fields of education, medicine and sports, and previously in the fight for the liberation of the colonialism’.

In the opinion of this association, the United States will be forced to reverse its attitude towards the Antillean nation.

‘We know that in the deliberations of the 8th Congress of the PCC the unjust blockade against the revolutionary island has not been lost sight of, and our prayer is that in that direction solutions will continue to be sought from within Cuba, added to foreign solidarity and support’.

The message says that “the imperialism and the oppression cannot and will not succeed against equality for all peoples and countries.”

On the other hand, the Syrian Arab Socialist Baath Party also recently sent its greetings to the communist conclave.

The political organization conveyed its pride “in the deep-rooted traditions of friendship between our parties and countries.”

Likewise, he highlighted the common approach on the elimination of terrorism, the strengthening of peace, security, global collaboration and total commitment to International Law.

According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry, more than 80 messages from political and social organizations around the world celebrate the 8th Congress of the PCC, an appointment that will last until tomorrow.

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