Christ the Redeemer: nine decades of existence.

Brazil: Christ the Redeemer, the most iconic image of Brazil in the world, turns 90 this October 12 and is preparing for a week of commemorations marked by the moderation required by the covid-19 pandemic, a virus that the South American giant still does not fully control, according to Cubasí.

To live up to such a memorable date, the imposing statue that crowns the Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro underwent a restoration process and is ready to celebrate its nine decades.

The task was carried out by a team of 40 professionals, including mountaineers, sculptors, geologists and other specialists, who, amid scaffolding, ropes and harnesses, walked the 38 meters of the gigantic statue for a year to repair the damage caused by the inclement weather and wear in some points of its structure.

The tip of the middle finger of the right hand of the sculpture had to be reconstructed, as well as the left front of the upper part of the head. Two repairs were also made in the lower part of the statue, where the Christ blanket is carved.

According to experts, several damages were caused by lightning strikes the statue, something that occurs on average five times each year.

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