Diaz-Canel confirms the application of productive technologies in an agricultural center in Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, visited today productive areas of San José de las Lajas municipality, in the western province of Mayabeque, and confirmed the application of essential agricultural technologies in cattle raising, Prensa Latina reported.

The Presidency reported on twitter the head of state visited the Nazareno Basic Unit of Cooperative Production, where historical leader, Fidel Castro, promoted the experimental development of various techniques and the sowing of vital protein plants for animal feed.

Investigations, started in 1960 and later reinforced in 2014, allowed the advancement of agriculture and cattle raising on the farm, with around 60 productive hectares.

The visit takes place in the context of the implementation of a package of more than 60 measures to enhance food production, promote marketing and promote effective import substitution and the increase of exports.

Other actions taken were the creation of a fund for agricultural development amounting to 1,800 million pesos, aimed primarily at pig and cattle production, and rice, banana, cassava crops as well as fruits.

In recent tours, the president has been able to verify the execution of decisions in areas destined to various crops and has also evaluated different issues like the reactivation of previously idle lands, the workforce, wages, prices to the population and autonomy in management.

These actions are implemented in a context of a tightening of the economic blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and the effects on the economy due to Covid-19.

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