New price for school uniform approved in Cuba.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Cuba approved today the new retail prices in Cuban pesos of the items that make up the school uniform in its new designs for Primary, Secondary and Middle schools, Cubasí reports.

According to the Official Gazette number 86, the modification of these prices was made taking into account the implementation of the Monetary Regulation Process in the country that established the monetary and exchange unification since last January 1st.

Resolution 405/2021 refers that the following prices were established for Primary Education garments: new design collegiate blouse, 23 pesos national currency (CUP); new design collegiate skirt wine red, 35 CUP; white poplin college shirt, 25 CUP; new design collegiate shorts, 41.50 CUP and scarf, three CUP.

For the articles of Secondary and Middle Education, a cost of 31 CUP was established for the white poplin blouse, 44.50 CUP for the blue denim collegiate skirt, 31.50 CUP for the white poplin collegiate shirt, 61.50 CUP for the blue denim collegiate trousers and two CUPs for the badge. Regarding the wholesale prices of the articles that make up the school uniform, made by the companies that make up the Light Industry Business Group, it was established that they are determined by applying an index of the class average of 10.5 on the certified base price .

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