Banco Popular de Ahorro presents new products.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Popular Savings Bank (BPA by its Spanish initials) announced this Tuesday on Twitter the presentation of three new savings products aimed at different sectors and segments of the Cuban population, Cubasí reports.

As explained by the BPA, the first of these products consists of a fund formation account complementary to retirement, which has a minimum term of 10 years and seven percent interest.

This account will have an initial opening or deposit of 100 pesos, which grows with automatic deductions from payroll withholdings, the BPA said, adding that it is a combination of the Fixed Term Deposit in Fund Formation.

Another option created by the BPA is the Specific Savings Account for vacations.

As detailed by the institution, this Account can be opened through digital channels, and discounts will be made from the customer’s magnetic savings, payroll and retirement cards.

They highlight that it is a 12-month account, with a minimum opening balance of 200 pesos, at one year and an interest rate of four percent; they also inform that the client will receive their receipt and a copy of the contract.

The BPA emphasizes that more information about the new savings products will be available in its network of branches and savings banks throughout the country.

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