Restart of school year in Cuba marches normally.

Cuba: The planned scheduled for the gradual restart of the school year in Cuba is fulfilled with the incorporation today of students from provinces where the vaccination process against Covid-19 is progressing, Cubasí reports.

This Monday, terminal year students from the provinces of Pinar del Río (west), Sancti Spíritus and the municipality of Santa Cruz del Sur, in Camagüey (center), returned to their classrooms.

There are now more than 84,000 students who return to classes, particularly those in the twelfth, third and fourth grade of schools for teacher preparation and those in the third year of technical-professional education.

It is a staggered process that is accompanied by health security measures and progresses at the same rate as the immunization schedule in three groups of the pediatric population from two to 18 years of age.

On November 8, it will be the turn of the rest of the students of Pre-university, Technical and Professional Education and Pedagogical Training, those of sixth grade of Primary, seventh, eighth and ninth grades of Basic Secondary and Special Education.

By the 15th of the same month, the reincorporation of Preschool students, from first to fifth grades of Primary and Special Education will occur.

All of them are currently receiving the second dose, out of three, of vaccines conceived and developed in Cuba.

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