Breast cancer: early care and timely treatment.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Early care and timely treatment are vital to guarantee the quality of life of people with cancer; hence the care of these patients has been a priority for the National Health System during the months of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Breast cancer ranks second in incidence in the country, after skin cancer, and is the most common in the world, registering in 2020 a figure of more than 2.2 million cases.

The World Health Organization reports that around one in 12 women will become ill with breast cancer throughout her life and it currently represents the main cause of mortality in women.

To draw attention to the disease, its risks and the need for early diagnosis, World Day to Fight Breast Cancer is celebrated every October 19.

During 2020, some 3,887 people in Cuba were diagnosed with the condition, which represents a rate of 39.6, and 1,714 died, for a rate of 30.4, Dr. María Caridad Rubio Hernández, who chairs the Special Working Group for the Control of Breast Cancer, said.

The specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine and Oncology explained that, although 99 percent of patients are women, men can also suffer from it.

The main risk is being a woman, in addition to having a family history of breast cancer, the abusive use of oral contraceptives, early menarche or late menopause, nulliparity (women who decide not to have children), mature age at the first birth, obesity and addictions such as alcoholism and smoking.

The also master’s degree in Attention to Women said that as part of the National Program for Comprehensive Cancer Control, education, prevention and health promotion actions are carried out and patients can be cared for from the primary, secondary or tertiary level depending on the diagnosis .

She pointed out that they have a group of specialists in Imaging, Psychology, Genetics, Oncology, Surgery, Nursing and Rehabilitation, who have high experience and responsibility.

Rubio Hernández mentioned breast self-examination as one of the control actions to prevent the disease, which has led to a high number of women attending consultations after detecting nodules.

Likewise, it is necessary to control, by the family doctor, the annual examination to identify increasingly smaller tumors, in addition to educating the population regarding risk factors for the disease and accessibility to the centers specialized.

Associations and groups in the world celebrate this day with the symbol of a pink ribbon and carry out activities with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of preventing this type of cancer.

Also in Cuba, mass organizations, institutions, support groups for patients and their families carry out promotional actions throughout the country.

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