Anita Pedraza will launch new record production.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Mayabeque singer-songwriter Anita Pedraza will soon release a new album titled “Como un milagro”.

The phonogram is a co-production between the artistic company Ignacio Piñeiro and the BisMusic label. It also had the support of the Artex Mayabeque-Artemisa Branch.

The CD is a compilation of Cuban anthological music that includes two Latin American songs. The songs were part of the composer’s graduation recital and performed when she studied singing.

Among the genres of the new discography are the tango waltz, Peruvian waltz, bolero and Cuban son.

The renowned musician of the province Raúl Cabrera is the producer of the album.

One of the transcendental voices of the music that is cultivated in Mayabeque is Anita Pedraza. Her art is recognized within our borders and in other countries of the world. In every show, concert or performance, this woman appears as a miracle.

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