Jornadas de compromisos productivos.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Roberto Coco Peredo Base Business Unit, a calcium carbonate production plant, hosted the start of the day for the Geologist-Mining Worker Day of the Western Mining Company that will run until October 24.

Under the shadow of the rocky mountains, Elizaberth Gil Núñez, member of the provincial secretariat of the Cuban Worker’s Federation, read the statement of the union in rejection of the destabilizing and manipulative actions of mercenaries financed by the northern empire.

The National Union of Energy and Mines Workers delivered the National Vanguardia Collective Flag to Empresa Minera de Occidente, for its results in the manufacture of high quality products for import substitution and inserting into the export of its productions.

The occasion was propitious to recognize the workers of the Coco Peredo, Jesús Fonseca Fonseca and Ernesto Heliodoro Meriño Santiesteban who stood out in tasks of confronting the new coronavirus during these months of pandemic.

The central words of the act were in charge of the Secretary of the National Union of Energy and Mines, George Batista Pérez, who exhorted the workers to contribute to the updating of the economic and social model, to seek solutions to the challenges imposed and to face subversive programs.

Every October 24 the workers of the Cuban geological-mining sector celebrate the nationalization by the Revolutionary Government in 1960 of the mining companies, which until then were in the hands of the United States. (

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