Siria reafirma voluntad de lucha antiterrorista pese a atentados

Damascus: The Syrian Foreign Ministry affirmed today that the terrorist attacks will not affect the determination to continue fighting against this scourge until its definitive eradication and the restoration of security throughout the nation.

The attack that occurred the day before in Damascus against a bus aims to disturb the stability of Syria and the entire region at the service of Israel and the countries that use terrorism as a political weapon to achieve their despicable interventionist objectives, the Foreign Ministry denounced through a statement.

He demanded a clear condemnation from the international community and the Secretary General of the United Nations to this criminal act and to take dissuasive measures against the countries that support and finance this type of extremist actions.

In his comment on the event, the Interior Minister, Muhammad al-Rahmoun, stated that this action occurred after terrorism was defeated almost in most of the national territory.

He promised to pursue, capture and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime, and stressed that the fight against terrorism will not stop.

“This attack shows the desperation of the enemies for the defeat of their conspiratorial plans,” said the Deputy Foreign Minister, Ayman Susan.

Those responsible for this heinous crime are the same authors of the conspiratorial plan against Syria, led by the Zionist entity, he said.

The day before, 14 people, between uniformed men and civilians, lost their lives, another three were injured by the explosion of two bombs against a military transport bus in Damascus.

Since the liberation of the capital’s peripheral areas from the terrorist presence in the summer of 2018, Damascus has experienced a calm that was disturbed by selective attacks against military and civil figures.

Such attacks, as confirmed by analysts here, are perpetrated by armed cells receiving orders and instructions from intelligence agencies from countries hostile to this Arab nation, in particular from Israel, the United States and their allies, in order to destabilize the nation and elevate the morale of the extremists.

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