Havana, Cuba: President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted the performance of the Cuban Health system and the contribution of science and innovation in the stability that the country shows today in the control of Covid-19.

In the most recent meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Cuban president praised the results of the immunization campaign and the effectiveness of the vaccines developed on the Island which, he said, began to be applied in very difficult conditions, with a high circulation of the Delta strain.

He recalled that in recent weeks the country has maintained a stable decrease in the number of daily cases, deaths, admitted patients and active cases, and the prognostic models foresee that in the next few days the daily positives will drop by one thousand. .

According to the website of the Presidency, at the meeting held last Wednesday, Díaz-Canel affirmed that with their proven high efficacy, vaccines have become a feeling of national pride.

They have helped us reach a new normality that now allows us to reactivate our economic activity, both state and private, he added.

In this sense, he pointed out that Cuba will reactivate the tourist activity and travel of Cubans; and it opens the possibilities of exporting vaccines and services, which will increase the levels of income to the country, after having had almost all sources of financing cut off for more than a year.

When referring to the harsh impacts of the economic crisis that the nation is experiencing, due to the pandemic, the tight blockade of the United States and internal insufficiencies, Díaz-Canel mentioned unfavorable opinions of the population.

Among the shortcomings, he mentioned those caused by inflation, shortages in stores, the illegal foreign exchange market, the persistence of inequalities, the difficult situation of retired people, the wage-price relationship, and acts of corruption, among others.

The Council of Ministers also valued on this occasion a report on the economic effects caused to the country by problems in foreign trade operations, a subject of constant follow-up at these meetings.

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