Denuncian planes del gobierno estadounidense y sus operadores políticos en Cuba para intentar derrocar la Revolución.

The plans of the US government and its political operators in Cuba to try to overthrow the Revolution are denounced in the Mesa Redonda program, where a special intervention by comrade Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Head of its Ideological Department, was broadcast.

His words are part of the public denunciation made on the same subject by the First Secretary of the Party at the closing of the Second Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the PCC.

At the end of the political meeting, the Cuban Head of State, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, pointed out that the enemy does not cease in its effort to destroy us. “It does not forgive us the audacity that new generations continue the will and commitment to maintain independence, sovereignty and the construction of socialism.”

He once again pointed out that the declared objective of the US Government is to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

“The enemy’s hope is that our great material difficulties will break the people and bring them to their knee, which is why they feed laziness with the idea that the country cannot resist.

«The US administration is trapped by the desire to win Florida’s vote and those electoral goals determine its policy towards Cuba, which becomes dominated by the Cuban-American mafia in Miami. These events are not accidental, there is an intention, a premeditation, and a political interest”, he said.


– The imperialist strategy is to create maximum discontent within our country. Encourage instability through the worsening of the population’s living conditions, making it increasingly difficult for us to survive, leading to the outbreak of a violent conflict.

– The campaign is vile: the achievements are discredited, grossly distorted images of our reality are used, it is about asphyxiating us economically, weakening solidarity with Cuba, making use of lies and slander.

– Several representatives of the North American Government insist on their pronouncements on social networks for keeping accusations against Cuba in the matter of human rights in a high profile.

– The Embassy of that country in Cuba has been playing an active role in the efforts to subvert the internal order in our country. This behavior is not new; it has always been present in one form or another since the interest sections were established in 1977.

– Meetings of US diplomatic officials with counterrevolutionary leaders are frequent, to whom they provide guidance, encouragement, logistical and financial support.

– On their communication platforms, including digital networks, they issue offensive statements on a daily basis that constitute open interference in the internal affairs of our country.

– This is provocative behavior, alien to what the conduct of a diplomatic mission should be and in total violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

– The US Embassy seeks information to defame Cuba on issues such as human rights, democracy and social contradictions in our country. They aim to identify and promote leaders, especially young people, to train them abroad in order to use them to advance their anti-socialist, pro-capitalist and neoliberal ideas.

– The so-called events of July 11, which were nothing more than provocations and vandalism as part of this entire strategy of the Unconventional War and the “soft coup” against our Revolution.

– It is about maintaining a narrative that aims to present July 11 as a benchmark for rupture and popular rejection of the Revolution, and attempts to take advantage of existing disagreements to provoke destabilization; But July 11 is not a benchmark for rupture, it is, in any case, a benchmark for unity, and July 11 was another victory for the Cuban Revolution. The revolutionaries came out to defend the Revolution with high morale, with a willingness to fight and win.

– Now they appear with a supposed peaceful march. It is nothing more than an escalation in the way of acting against the Revolution and a challenge to the authorities and to the socialist rule of law endorsed in our Constitution; It is a plan orchestrated from abroad, thinking tanks and spokespersons for the United States Government are involved in the conception and preparation of these actions.

– They have recently threatened to apply more sanctions to our country if current legislation is used to prosecute those who disobey the authorities’ mandate. This action is welcomed in the circles of the anti-Cuban extreme right based in the United States and is part of a mode of action in accordance with the Unconventional Warfare manual.

– Their violent aims can be seen in the remembrance they make of the guarimbas in Venezuela, the crimes against Chavista fighters, the events in Nicaragua, the exaltation of vandalism, the death threats to revolutionaries and the support of characters and organizations with a history violent and terrorist based in the United States.

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