Prices of bus ticket remain unchanged.

Havana, Cuba: The sale prices of National Bus tickets for interprovincial trips are maintained in accordance with the establishment of the Ordering Task, Radio Reloj publishes.

This explains that the trip from Havana to Guantánamo by bus costs “280 pesos; from the capital of the country to Santiago de Cuba it costs 255, and to Holguín 220 pesos.

In the case of tickets from Havana to Bayamo it will be for a value of 220 pesos; to Manzanillo 222; from Havana to Las Tunas 185; and to Camagüey 170 pesos.

The same rates apply to the returns of the buses of other specialized carriers; In addition, in reservations by interprovincial buses, the sales cycle is 30 days.

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