Mayabeque, Cuba: In the municipality of San Nicolás, they increase actions to boost agricultural production with the start-up of the second bank of electrical transformers.

On this occasion, the benefit was for the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

It is the second investment carried out this year in the territory where they take advantage of the disconnection blocks so as not to doubly affect the electricity service, the head of operations of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Electric Company Nicolás, Yesley Benítez Posada, explained.

The leading producer of that CCS, Omar Cainzo Ayala, says that with this project they can increase plantings and set up sheltered houses for crops.

With the completion of the work, the benefited producers will be able to rethink new contracts by having the necessary energy distribution in the different agricultural areas. (YQR)

Milay Vega Villar

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