Havana, Cuba: At midnight yesterday, Cuba reported 606 new cases of Covid-19 and five deaths, according to information from the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), Radio Havana Cuba publishes.

The report highlighted that 9,672 patients were admitted, 5,406 suspected, 1,209 under surveillance, and 3,057 confirmed active.

For Covid-19, a total of 22,857 samples were taken for surveillance on the day for a cumulative of 10, 623 961 samples taken and 954,948 positive.

Of the 606 confirmed cases, 601 were contacts of confirmed cases, three with a source of infection abroad, two without a specified source of infection. 338 women and 268 men.

13.7% (83) of the 606 positive cases were asymptomatic, accumulating a total of 131,414, which represents 13.8% of those confirmed to date. They belong to the age groups: under 20 years old (113), from 20 to 39 years old (131), from 40 to 59 years old (185) and over 60 (177).

Of the 954,948 patients diagnosed with the disease, 3,057 remain hospitalized, of them 2,983 with stable clinical evolution.

There are 8 257 deaths (five in the day), fatality of 0.87% vs 2.02% in the world and 2.45% in the Americas; two evacuees, 55 returned to their countries, on the day there were 593 discharges, 943 577 recovered patients accumulated (98.8%). Seventy-four confirmed patients are cared for in intensive care, of which 22 are critical and 52 are seriously ill.

Distribution by provinces of the confirmed cases:

Pinar del Río: 54, Artemisa: 13, Havana: 42, Mayabeque: 7, Matanzas: 16, Cienfuegos: 12, Villa Clara: 40, Sancti Spíritus: 85, Ciego de Ávila: 23, Camagüey: 117, Las Tunas: 54, Granma: 26, Holguín: 89, Santiago de Cuba: 5, Guantánamo: 21 and the Special Municipality of Isla de La Juventud: 2

On the day, 5 deceased patients were reported. We deeply regret what happened and convey our condolences to his family and friends.

Tomado de MINSAP.

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