Mayabeque, Cuba: The Assembly of People’s Power in San José de las Lajas, together with its delegates, is getting ready for the accountability process that is about to take place.

The territory has 48 areas and the Pilot Assembly will serve as experience for the delegates, who received prior preparation at the level of the Popular Council, municipality and province.

This year the accountability process has its peculiarities given the training and demands, as explained by the secretary of the Assembly of People’s Power in the capital of Mayabeque, Francisca Asaria Laferté.

The delegates will approve the information provided to the voters by hands risen with all the transparency required, which includes the processing of the population’s proposals and the work of the permanent work commissions.

This year it will be a priority to deliver to the administrative entities the schedule of the assemblies, in order to ensure their presence in these and respond to the concerns of the inhabitants, often related to the economic limitations due to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of USA.

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