Mayabeque, Cuba: Actions for the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases are promoted in the Base Business Unit (UEB) Muebles SIGNO, of Batabanó.

They also focus attention on new trends in the field of health and safety at work, as well as the magnitude of injuries and noise pollution.

The protection of the worker in the different industrial processes is one of the current strategies in the entity’s workshops.

Updating the protocols and useful means to take care of the health of workers exposed to noise requires consistency, as highlighted by the health and work protection technician at the center, Erizaldo Amore Rodríguez.

With the use of different devices in industrial processes, the emission of noise and vibrations harmful to health is almost inevitable the specialist added; Compliance with the measures is essential, the use of earmuffs and gloves is not lacking in the workshops where they cut and assemble wooden furniture.

In the center, the equipment with higher noise levels is well identified, noise pollution and the protection of the industrial worker are a concern of professionals dedicated to safety and health at work.

Maintaining safe and hygienic conditions in each work area and the awareness of workers about the need to comply with the established safety standards is the objective of the National Day on Safety and Health at Work, which takes place during the month of November.

Darlenis Hernández Castillo

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