Uruguay’s former ambassador foresees failure of plans to destabilize Cuba.

Montevideo: Uruguay’s former ambassador to Cuba, Eduardo Lorier, today expressed his conviction that the United States’ plans to destabilize the Caribbean country are destined to fail, Prensa Latina publishes.

Lorier pointed out that in addition to the old tactics “always used by Yankee imperialism to attack the Cuban revolution,” it now uses new hybrid warfare tactics to achieve its objectives, such as those used in the so-called “color revolutions.”

For the former Senator of the Broad Front “it is the same dog with a different collar”, with which it is intended to make a dent in a people hit by the pandemic and with one of its main sources of income, such as tourism, closed.

He denounced that to meet his destabilizing objectives they use enormous resources that finance the Cuban counterrevolution, concentrated in Miami, but distributed throughout Latin America and European countries.

In this sense, he condemned as unacceptable the interference of governments in the sovereignty of Cuba, which breaks with all universally accepted diplomatic rules and “must be condemned, as we did with respect to our government, which unfortunately lends itself to such a destabilizing game.”

“Cuba is historically the first free territory in America, that people headed by Fidel who heroically dared to free themselves from the clutches of US imperialism to freely build their own future,” Lorier stressed. The also former secretary general of the Communist Party of Uruguay considered the Cuban revolutionary feat a true “theoretical scandal”, because “it marked a watershed in Latin America and opened the paths of the second independence and the continental revolution.”

He stressed that solidarity with the Cuban Revolution is a matter of principle for the Uruguayan communists, who from the first day promoted the creation of Solidarity Committees throughout the country.

“And today as yesterday we continue to promote it fully in the face of the criminal blockade that seeks to impede the possibilities of development of the Cuban people towards socialism, which by the way it will not achieve,” Lorier said.

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