Reconocen a investigadores con aportes a la Revista Cubana de Ciencia Agrícola

Mayabeque, Cuba: Researchers from the Animal Science Institute (ICA) make important contributions to the generation and application of the new knowledge of livestock and agriculture on technical and innovative bases to contribute to the progress of the country.

For this reason, the group of authors and members of the Editorial Committee of the Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science was recognized on the 55th anniversary of this publication as a source of consultation in more than 160 nations.

At the meeting, the experts were distinguished by the broad profile of this digital brochure structured in multi-thematic sections in the field of animal production and the application of biostatistics.

The Doctor of Science, Magaly Herrera Villafranca, winner of five awards and two mentions for the best scientific article, said that there are several technologies applied in Cuba and the world for livestock development, including biomathematics.

From her department they provide methodologies for the processing and analysis of research results at the ICA and the development of scientific projects.

Quality, technical demand and excellence characterize the work of this Cuban Magazine with unpublished, innovative and impactful results, obtained by professionals from the island and other countries.

The main editor, Doctor of Science, Rafael Herrera García, argued that showing the world these works provides satisfaction and contributes to the advances of the agricultural sector.

With this, he complies with the principles of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro regarding the feeding of cattle on the basis of pastures and forages.

“This work based on the national economy and society is consolidated as part of the Scientific Revolution to fight against underdevelopment and imperialist aggression and part of the process is the consolidation of this magazine, pioneer and vanguard in this field,” the Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) Doctor of Science, Aurora Fernández González, said.

The director of science, technique, innovation and postgraduate in the MES, Doctor of Science, Alberto Turro, explained that the ICA is a high technology center, with a job of 55 years from the dissemination of the development of research that they implement in Cuba and other nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

He added that for more than half a century this group has raised the scientific culture by getting producers, academics and professionals from various sectors in 120 countries to consult the Cuban Journal of Agricultural Science, which offers it an international enhancement.

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