Mayabeque, Cuba: With their wide smiles, Ana, Amelia, María and many more reflect the joy on their faces after returning to the classroom, this Monday, November 15.

They are an example that in Cuba children are born to be happy and their studies are guaranteed to grow and train as good men and women in a society where we are all equal.

These little ones, like the vast majority in the country, return to school with their full vaccination schedule and that is, without a doubt, another reason to celebrate a day like today.

They were months of distancing, due to a reality marked by the scourge of COVID-19 and the need to develop a school course from a distance, through teleclasses, since the safety of children, adolescents and young people was a priority in Cuba.

Today begins a new day in the classrooms to continue with pending subjects, review content and follow that path of knowledge and experiences that make infants such as Cristian, Amelia, María, Carlitos and many more who have smiles on their faces because they are happy in this country.

Elsa Gómez Valle

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