World Health Organization reports the increase in deaths from Covid-19.

Switzerland: The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed this Wednesday the nine percent increase in deaths from the coronavirus, warning that the sharp increase in infections due to the Omicron variant is already beginning to be reflected in mortality, Radio Rebelde reports.

According to WHO data, in the last week 59 thousand deaths were registered globally and the new cases reported totaled 22 million in the last week.

The weekly number of deaths from Covid-19 progressed in Southeast Asia, in particular in India, with an increase of 41 percent from the previous week, followed by the Eastern Mediterranean region (32) and the Americas (16). .

According to the agency, Africa was the only region that reported a reduction in deaths, while the incidence of deaths remained in Europe and the Western Pacific, which includes China and other countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as Australia.

By country, the highest numbers of deaths correspond to the United States, India, Russia, Brazil and Italy. On the other hand, the WHO epidemiological report indicated that the Omicron variant already represents 93.3 percent of all samples collected and is found in at least 57 countries.

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