Ministro de Economía informa sobre temas económicos de interés a la población.

Havana, Cuba: Cuba will continue to bet on the quality of higher education, the minister of the sector, José Ramón Saborido, said when analyzing the results of the International University Congress 2022, which concludes here today.

The minister stressed that the event was marked by discussions of the most pressing issues in general and higher education, which impact the improvement of education systems.

The increase in the participation of European countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and the presence of around 200 delegates from 35 nations highlight in an event that the Covid-19 pandemic conditioned its realization in face-to-face and virtual modalities.

The Caribbean island welcomed representatives of international agencies and organizations, rectors and ministers, academics, experts and students.

All, according to the organizers, united by interest and concrete research results, in order to strengthen ties and exchange best practices in education.

The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, received several of the foreign delegations, acknowledged the minister, and this is a sign of the country’s will to continue developing a sector that is recognized worldwide for its quality.

Access to higher education for all, the application of science to the development of the nation, equality, social justice, compliance with the 2030 agenda, the training of professionals and the university-company link were on the agenda from the start of the meeting last Monday.

It has been two years of hard fighting for the challenge posed by the pandemic and that has made the universities get involved in that fight, which led to increasing virtuality, a challenge for which the country created the conditions and infrastructures, Saborido said.

He also added that higher education institutions have a high responsibility in the implementation and advancement of macro programs, programs and development projects.

“More and more young people are linked to science and innovation plans. Currently, work is being done to increase the innovative spirit in students, but that will only have an impact if, when this student graduates, he joins an entity that promotes innovation”, he stated.

Universidad 2022 concludes today with the keynote address Challenges to the university in times of transition from the pandemic to the post-pandemic world, by the Brazilian Dominican intellectual and friar Frei Betto.

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