Sindicato de Industrias en Mayabeque exhorta a mayor producción para sustituir importaciones.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The National Union of Industrial Workers in Mayabeque urges to increase yields to replace the import of products at the international level.

The province has an important labor potential for the development of companies and the guarantee of services for the productive chain, promoting projects and strengthening competitiveness in markets, taking into account the relationship between the new economic actors and the entities.

The General Secretary of the Provincial Bureau of the Industries Union in Mayabeque, Isabel Ortiz, says that a great strength is that the demarcation is an industrial stronghold that creates wealth for the benefit of society.

Of the 40 MSMEs that Mayabeque has, 12 belong to the industrial sector and there are some in the process of being created.

The purpose is to export quality products to contribute to the economic development of the region and the country.

Mayabeque has important industries such as electrical and telephone conductors, paints, furniture for tourism, refractory materials, school uniforms, among others.

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