Destacada producción de miel de abeja en Mayabeque.

Mayabeque, Cuba: Honey bee production stands out at the end of January in Mayabeque from the challenge of contributing to the Cuban economy and the substitution of imports in the international market.

The Director of the Beekeeping Base Business Unit of the province, Héctor David Rivero Suarez, specifies that the result corresponds to the effort of the workers.

Of the 47.5 tons planned for the first month of the year, they collected 51.5 tons.

The first fortnight of February becomes similar with over compliance from the contribution of the producers.

The beekeeper of Melena del Sur, Mariloide Acosta Gómez ratifies among the outstanding producers of the demarcation.

The UEB Apícola Mayabeque has 51 private producers and 5 Basic Units of Cooperative Production.

The head of the production brigade of the Beekeeping UEB of the province, Yurien Donates Betancourt, says that the Antonio Maceo de Nueva Paz UBPC stands out in the fulfillment of the plan,.

The work in 2022 has as antecedent the last year work. In the previous calendar, producers set a historical record in 5 productive indicators. Among them honey, wax, propolis and pollen.

The use of natural wealth is a power in the current stage to turn this year into another praiseworthy period since the production of honey in Mayabeque.

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