Celebra Evo Morales decisión de Corte Penal Internacional.

Bolivia: The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, described as a victory for the truth, the decision of the International Criminal Court to dismiss the lawsuit against him by the de facto government of Jeanine Áñez, for alleged crimes against humanity during the protests social, Radio Reloj reports.

The Court has rejected false accusations from the right-wing coup that wanted to blame us for the deaths of Bolivian brothers, Morales wrote on Twitter.

The former president referred to the complaint made by Áñez, who pointed out that he had committed crimes against humanity for promoting roadblocks that lasted 12 days in August 2020.

Another lie collapses, contrary to what was falsely denounced, the leaders of the blockades gave way to oxygen tanks that our people needed, he wrote about the conclusive investigation carried out by prosecutor Karim Khan.

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