Cayo Largo del Sur has splendid beaches.

Havana, Cuba: With an important investment process, Cayo Largo del Sur reaches its 40th anniversary as one of the tourist destinations in Cuba, favored with splendid beaches, among the best in the world.

The Gran Caribe Hotel Group launched the promotional campaign Memorable at forty, and on Saturday the celebration will include nautical and sports activities, gastronomic fairs and a folk festival around La Yana, an ancient tree that according to legend served as a hiding place for pirate treasures and corsairs.

For its return to tourist operations, the Vilo Acuña airport had a capital repair, and the hotel facilities and other areas received rehabilitation or maintenance work, in addition to creating a covered cultivation center.

Cayo Largo del Sur also improves internet connectivity and will be relaunched as a tourist product in May at the International Tourism Fair of Cuba.

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