Ministry of the Interior informs about the death of a citizen in Guantánamo.

Informative note from the MININT Headquarters in Guantánamo

On the afternoon of February 15, in the town of Vega Larga, in the municipality of Baracoa, Guantánamo, an officer from the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) who was not on duty, killed 45-year-old citizen Roldy Polo Pérez with his service weapon.

As part of the investigative actions, it has been possible to determine that both people shared in a festive activity for the birthday of citizen Roldy, in the community where they both reside. They had a heated argument over personal problems and under the influence of alcohol they assaulted each other.

The accused is detained and the investigative process will be given course in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations in force in our country.

The Ministry of the Interior mourns the death of this person in the circumstances described above, in the midst of intense days with the people in defense of life, citizen tranquility and internal order.

It is absurd to manipulate and invent versions that have nothing to do with reality, to try to affect the image of the PNR and opportunistically attack the Revolution through enemy subversive means on social networks.

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