International meeting for the reconstruction of Haiti began.

Haiti: Delegations from a dozen countries and international organizations, led by the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Amina Mohammed, arrived in Haiti today to participate in the international conference that aims to raise funds for the reconstruction of the south of the country, Prensa Latina reports.

The Haitian Foreign Minister, Jean Victor Généus, host of the meeting, gave an account of the devastation of a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that occurred on August 14, which caused more than 2,200 deaths, 12,700 injuries and affected almost half of the population in the region, according to official data.

As a result, the authorities, together with the United Nations Organization, presented their so-called Comprehensive Recovery Plan for the Southern Peninsular, whose estimated amount for rehabilitation is 1,978 million dollars.

An informative note recently published by the United Nations Organization states that six months after the earthquake, Haiti has overcome the immediate emergency situation and is now considering long-term recovery and reconstruction.

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