Havana, Cuba: Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel spoke this Thursday night at the popular consultation on the Family Code project, held in constituency 141 belonging to the Peralta district, in the city of Holguín.

It is a Code that we needed, totally emancipator, inclusive, which respects all beliefs, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) also considered.

At the end of a day that began with the Party’s balance assembly in the municipality and continued with a tour of several places in the province, the president attended the meeting where 120 voters, 93.5 percent of those summoned to the process, had the opportunity to comment on the important legal provision that, in the words of the President, “took into account the heterogeneity towards which our society has moved in recent years.”

The Code is so broad, he said, that it touches all the essences of the fundamental cell of our society. It is perhaps a dense document, but it deserves reading and rereading to understand it, for when we are going to exercise the right to vote or not for it, whether on the basis that we have total conviction of whether or not that should be the Code that protects guarantees for all types of families.

The Code is not imposing on anyone that a certain family is the one that has to prevail, reflected the Head of State. The Code is telling you that if you consider yourself to be such a type of family, you also have rights and guarantees. It does not impose anything, he reiterated, what it does is objectively recognize that, if there are different types of families in Cuba, their rights and guarantees must be recognized.

Díaz-Canel referred to the fact that the legal norm, submitted to popular consultation, recognizes and respects the relationship between parents and children, based on the responsibility for their nutrition, their education, their development, their protection, and without violence towards children.

“You have to read the Code in depth, because it has complexities, because it covers sensitive issues about families. I ask you to objectively read what we have in our society today,” Díaz-Canel reflected, during a frank and open debate, in which the residents raised support for the legal norm, doubts about certain titles and disagreements with some concepts.

In this meeting, held with complete calm and respect for divergent opinions, the member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee, Roberto Morales, and the highest authorities of the Party and the Government in the province participated.

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