Port-au-Prince: The Senate of Haiti today criticized the repression exercised by the police against textile workers who demand salary increases, and asked the high command of the body to sanction those responsible.

In a letter sent by Senate President Joseph Lambert to Police Director FrantzElbé, he questioned the use of tear gas to disperse workers demanding salaries of 1,500 gourdes a day (just under 15 dollars), three times more than current fees set at 500 gourdes per day (about five dollars).

“Taking into account the increase in the price of transport in relation to the insecurity that seriously hampers traffic in certain areas, especially in Martissant and Croix-des-Bouquets, the vertiginous acceleration in the price of basic necessities and the high cost of life in general, it will please you, Mr. CEO, to admit that these workers rightly demanded what they were owed”, the legislators stated.

In this sense, they invited the Police to initiate an investigation to establish the responsibility of the agents involved and punish the guilty.

Since last week, thousands of textile employees have been demonstrating in the streets of this capital to demand the increase that allows them to face high prices, and they remember that their salaries have remained immobile since 2019, despite inflation.

At least 13 people, including a pregnant woman, were injured when officers repressed the long mobilizations, and even protesters denounced that at various points the police used live ammunition.

The Government promised this week to publish a decree with wage adjustments, although without setting a date, while calling for calm in the sector.

Local media indicated that the Salary Council proposed a salary of 650 gourdes per day (about 6.40 dollars) for the sector, a figure far from the claims, which could intensify the protest movement.

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