Comisión de trabajo chequeó los aseguramientos en la Universidad Agraria de La Habana para el reinicio del curso escolar

Mayabeque, Cuba: University students from Mayabeque, lovers of radio art, will be able to participate in the Thirteenth Edition of the National Festival of the University Radio, to be held in Holguín from May 19 to 22, 2022.

The event aims to encourage the development of the radio movement in each of the country’s university centers and train fans on issues related to radio and its impact on the university community.

The main themes of the contest are the participation of young people in the future of the country, the University Student Federation as an umbrella and representative organization of Cuban university students facing their 100 years, the integration and role of youth, and the Latin American and Caribbean student movement.

The students interested in participate will compete with radio programs in one of the following categories: variety, informative and cultural magazines, musical, educational, historical, scientific, technical, educational and orientation programs, sports, dramatized, news and information, advertisements, journalistic genres and podcast.

This festival also includes the special category of radio script, where all the scripts of the programs presented and those that could not be carried out compete. The number of authors per work will not exceed three people. The programs will not exceed two hours in length and the themes will be free.

The works, accompanied by their script and technical sheet, will be sent until April 30, 2022, to the email:

This space will have a jury made up of professionals from the Cuban Radio and specialists from the University Extension directorates of the University of Holguín and the FEU in their capacity as vocal.

These specialists will award three prizes for each category and as many mentions as they consider, as well as special awards for directing, voiceover for both genders and editing.

In addition, based on the superior quality of a work presented, a Grand Prize will be awarded and the National Secretariat of the FEU will confer a collateral prize to the work that creatively reflects the celebrations for the 100 years of the organization.

Some of the motivations of the contest is to pay homage to the outstanding announcer of the Radio Angulo Provincial Station and founder of the festival, Carlos Rousseau Álvarez.

Also to celebrate the centenaries of the FEU and the Cuban Radio, the 90th anniversary of the birth of José Antonio Echeverría, the 60th anniversary of the Union of Young Communists and the Tenth Congress of the oldest student organization in Cuba.


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