Day of the Communicator.

February 24 is the date set to honor communicators in Cuba, who work in the mass media in order to share information about national and international events or to invite reflection on dissimilar topics.

The voice and image represent their letter of introduction, but the veracity of the messages, the charisma that makes them connect with people and respect make them true professionals, the official CITMA website publishes.

Also, they are managers and mediators of communicative processes, who with the knowledge and experience acquired can be considered strategists of the word.

Every February 24, the Day of the Communicator is celebrated in the Greater Antilles in commemoration of the first official broadcast of Radio Rebelde in the Sierra Maestra, in 1958, carried out by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

The notes of the Invasive Anthem, the first war report of the Combat Pino del Agua and other actions of Che’s column constituted the incipient news when it aired from Alto de Conrado.

Other information was heard in the voice of Captain Luis Orlando Rodríguez, who wrote and read an editorial related to the ephemeris of the day and the founding of Radio Rebelde.

In a short time, the station would be a weapon at the service of the deed to overthrow the tyrant Fulgencio Batista, because it allowed the people to have knowledge of the situation and it was an effective instrument of the ideological struggle in the formation of revolutionary consciousness.

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