Cuba will begin today the consultation with its collaborators in Angola on a bill to provide the Caribbean State with a new Family Code, an official source confirmed, Prensa Latina publishes.

Three meetings were organized for this first day, two in the northern province of Cuanza Norte and one in Luanda, the secretary of the special constituency electoral commission that is conducting the process here, Enrique Santaelena, said.

With the participation of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other health specialists, the event in the capital will serve as a pilot assembly; that is, the official limited, to extract useful experiences in order to deploy this “important civic exercise” during the month of March.

In Cuanza Norte, he announced, the analysis will begin today with a medical brigade that works in Kamabatela, the main city of the municipality of Ambaca, and with a group of builders located in the municipality of Golungo Alto.

As he indicated, around two thousand members of the state mission of his country will be able to give their opinion on the bill, by holding 52 meetings in different Angolan territories.

“We hope, he commented, that the attendees freely express their opinions as requested by the National Assembly (Parliament) of our country, whose deputies will reconsider the issue once the consultation is over.”

For the special electoral commission installed in Angola, it means “a great responsibility”, the official said, when considering the task of registering and transmitting all criteria.

According to the Government of the Caribbean nation, the judgments of the citizens will be taken into account to prepare a new version of the legal proposal, which in due course will be submitted to a popular referendum at the polls.

In our case, Santaelena explained, we have a communication system ready to collect the flow of data from the query to the collaborators, who provide services in 151 of the 164 municipalities of this sub-Saharan African country, in the areas of health, construction and education, fundamentally.

As an essential matter, he stated, “we design tailor-made meetings”, according to the availability of premises and the strict observance of the hygienic-sanitary protocol due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this way, in the province of Bié we will be able to group about 100 compatriots in a single venue, and in Cuanza Norte, due to the location in remote communities, there will be exchanges with less than 10 participants, he exemplified.

Through his Twitter profile, the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, ratified the purpose of achieving “a better text” among all, which he described as emancipatory due to its inclusive and humanistic character.

The legal initiative “touches all the sensitive aspects related to our family life and is a socialist construction project,” summarized the president.

Photo caption: Cuba consults the Families Code to collaborators in Angola. Photo: Prensa Latina.

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