Mayabeque, Cuba: An analysis of current actions on animal care from the sciences becomes the main objective of the IV International Seminar on Agricultural Health (SISA 2023), which is hosted by the Plaza América Convention Center in Varadero.

As part of the meeting, the debates on integrated surveillance of risks at the human-animal-environment interface took place.

Dr. Carmen Laura Perera González, from the National Center for Agricultural Health (CENSA), spoke on Diagnostic Strategies for emerging animal diseases, highlighting the role of her laboratory in Cuba.

CENSA is a collaborating institution of the International Organization for Animal Health (OMSA) and participates in the RLA5085 project of ARCAL and the ZODIAC Initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA / IAEA, together with FAO.

Directors of the Mayabeque Teaching Scientific Complex, representatives of institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Cuba and other national and international organizations were present at the inauguration of said event, where they exchange researchers, specialists, technicians, producers and exhibitors, on the topics conceived that respond to the motto “Science and Innovation for Health”.