Mayabeque, Cuba: In the municipality of Madruga, 12 pregnant adolescents are cared for in a particular way by health professionals in view of the problems that pregnancy in minors implies.

The person in charge of the Maternal and Child Care Program (PAMI), Doctor Dianelys Rodríguez Sánchez, specified that the PAMI multidisciplinary team maintains systematic control in them together with the work of mass organizations.

Teenage pregnancy is a health problem that can affect the mother-to-be and the baby and is the cause of preterm birth, low birth weight newborns, and other medical complications.

Hence, during the clinical follow-up throughout the gestation period, health education is also promoted at the community level with emphasis on the educational centers of the secondary and upper secondary educational levels.

Currently in the town there are 88 pregnant women, 29 of them at high risk and 9 at relevant risk. These last adolescents receive care at the Maternity Home.

So far this year the maternal-infant mortality rate has remained at zero and 60 births have been reported. The birth rate continues to be well below the demands of the demographic situation in the municipality, one of the most aging populations in the country.