Mary, Educator and Natural Promoter by Profession and Heart

Mary, educadora de profesión y promotora natural de corazón. Foto: Cortesía del autor.

Mayabeque, Cuba: When the words culture, identity, traditions, promotion are mentioned in Santa Cruz del Norte, the name of María Inés Rodríguez Ramírez appears eternally linked to the previous words.

Mary, an educator by profession and a natural promoter at heart, is a woman of small stature, but of gigantic action that day by day shares knowledge with the youngest.

Mina Pérez House of Culture is her great home, and she returned there even after her retirement, after years of work as a methodologist of Traditional Popular Culture, now as a cultural promoter of the Santa Cruz Popular Council 1.

There is not a span of this municipality that Mary does not know, there is no history or cultural fact that she does not have in her memory. Continue to spread love and culture. Profe, the Santa Cruz sunrise needs your light.

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José Luis Guzmán

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