Vitral, Safe and with a Good Productive Rhythm

Vitral Paintings Factory with good productive rhythm.
Vitral Paintings Factory with good productive rhythm. Photo: Mayabeque newspaper.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The Base Business Unit (UEB) Vitral Painting Factory, located in San José de las Lajas, reduced its plan of the year from 4 million 400 thousand liters of paint to 1 million 400 thousand, as a result of the pandemic that has generated several negative effects on the Cuban economy.

The director of the UEB, José Eduardo Pérez Pérez, reported that “however, the province today is responsible for the national production of paint, excluding Camagüey, where water paint is produced. As the capital is closed, we have assimilated the order of the two factories in Havana. We have 450 thousand liters in plan and we must complete it immediately”.

Faced with the arrival of COVID-19, the UEB takes measures to ensure the health of workers and therefore compliance with current plans.

“At the entrance to the factory we have set up the steps, as well as chlorinated water for hand disinfection. With the head of Human Resources and the Health and Safety specialist we do a physical examination of all the workers, with the aim of looking for respiratory symptoms”.

“We ensure the correct use of the mask face, the worker who is not in a position to respect the measures simply cannot enter and remain in the factory. In addition, we have worked on the adequate distance in the areas and in the dining room”.

Another measure that is carried out in the entity is the monitoring of workers with risk pathologies such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as adults over 65 years of age. These people are prioritized to avoid further complications.

Due to the characteristics of the UEB, several people attend the center on a daily basis, which is why Security and Protection agents play a key role in their positions.

To date, Vitral maintains stability in its productions due, in large part, to the timely entry of essential raw materials. Although the virus has a negative impact on their plans, the quality of their paintings is not affected in any way and they continue to work at a good pace.

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