Victims of Terrorism

The abominable crime of Barbados.
The abominable crime of Barbados. Photo: Cubahora.

The years pass and it feels the same because there are dates that are sown forever in the heart of the people, October 6, 1976 is one of them.

That day the abominable Crime of Barbados marked the Cubans and since then, over pain and impotence, the decision to fight against terrorism and for justice has grown. 73 people lost their lives in one of the most horrendous crimes that occurred in the Caribbean, their dreams and hopes were truncated for them and their loved ones, even the consolation of mourning their corpses.

Today, like every October 6, the Cuban flag flies at half-mast, and a tribute and posthumous tribute is paid to all the victims of terrorism in Cuba, whose list exceeds 3,000 people.

The largest of the Antilles has been the target of hatred and terror of an economic, diplomatic, biological, media nature and of all kinds, with the failed attempt to destroy the Revolution.

Cuba is strengthened in the face of each aggression, armed with the memory of its heroes and martyrs, and does not renounce its dreams of betting on a world free of terrorism where peace and love between human beings prevail.

October 6, 1976 marked all Cubans but it also united us forever.

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Maria Amalia Pérez

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