Melena del Sur: Preventive Protocol before Appearance of Meningoencephalitis in Livestock

The “ferret” mongoose is among the most harmful animals introduced in Cuba.
The “ferret” mongoose is among the most harmful animals introduced in Cuba. Photo. Archive.

Mayabeque, Cuba: The death of a cow in the municipality of Melena del Sur with meningoencephalitis, characteristic of rabies, led to an investigation by the Department of Epidemiology and agricultural specialists.

Given the danger of this disease, almost always fatal, the veterinarian, René Alfonso Alfonso, assured that there is a population of mongoose in the place.

The infested cattle manifested symptoms such as: colliding with objects, did not allow to be manipulated and attacked the rest of the animals, they also fell down.

Correspondingly, the protocol that was applied was to vaccinate the owner of the cattle and all the people who had contact with the beef were located because it is a disease that has no cure.

The increase in mongoose populations (ferrets in the popular sphere) is common at this time of the year, so vector control campaigns are carried out, a process that has been affected by the limitation of resources.

Handling an animal with symptoms of rabies must be very careful. Although the most common transmission of the virus is by bite, there are other ways already documented, such as contamination of the eyes, nose and mouth by airborne particles and the ingestion of infested tissues, the specialist Alfonso Alfonso added.

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